CLUB BLANCO // Club night promo with MOSCOMAN (January 2019)

ISHMAEL ENSEMBLE // THE CHAPEL (Severn Songs) June 2018    

ISHMAEL ENSEMBLE // FULL CIRCLE (Severn Songs) July 2018

MENT // VAGUE INSANITY (Fate and Fiction) December 2017

The Siren's Call // Jumping Back Slash feat. Nonku Phiri (Cotch International) January 2017

Ishmael Ensemble do Yellow Magic Orchestra // Tour May 2018

Ballet Whomp 

A short visual used for Balamii Radio, promo for Tree House Vibes September 2017

A short visual for Balamii Radio, promo for Banoffee Pie Records August 2017

Jasper James 'Keep On' release date promo video. Full music video to come June 2017

Teaser from some visuals for a Soulworks night

Patrick Conway 'Sandy Lane'  (Rekids) March 2017

Patrick Conway 'Orbit' (Rekids) March 2017

Rye Wax on Balamii Radio promo clip June 2017

Toucan Play That Game

Love Fusion, Simiah (Kingunderground) April 2016

Titan, My Friend,  Ishmael (Church) One track for the upcoming Live AV show for Ishamel's new album launch Sometime in Space

In Sun, Ishmael (Church)

Sometime In Space Live A/V Show Teaser


Off Piste

Fire Fire 'Circe's Diner' From their album 'October'

^^^_^^^   Audio/Video collaboration by myself and Luke Freeman as part of a Creative Music Technology 3rd year final devised project

Salt Spring Falls Ishmael. Music video and teaser for the live AV show 'Sometime in Space' by Ishmael in March


That Piano Track, Ishamael (Church) 

Ishmael From The Corner

Leviathan Ishmael. Part of the Sometime In Space live AV show

Intro (to the stars) Ishmael. Part of the Sometime in Space live AV show

Careful Now Ishmael. Church Records. Music Video and visuals for Ishmael live show, release date March 2016

The Window Ishmael. Church Records

'Takoma' Ishmael

'Bigger The Front' Misty's Big Adventure'

'Spring Generation'  The Robbie Boyd Band

'Heart Maths' Typesun feat Guido